I was tired. I was laying on my bed. I was falling asleep.

And then I started thinking (a dangerous pastime, I know).

I thought about how Melissa is 6 (!!!!!) days away from a 365-day running streak.
I thought about how Pump & Chris consistently get out there, regardless of how hungover or sleep deprived or sore they are, and give it their all.
I thought about how Heather ran a marathon while six months pregnant.
I thought about how Katie is kicking cancer’s butt AND training for her second marathon (and rocking that too).

And then I thought about how each and every one of you inspire me every day by getting out there, regardless of work/family/parental commitments, regardless of heat/cold/rain/humidity/snow.

And so I got up. And I laced up. And I got my 2 miles in. And I am so glad.

(My ankle isn’t injured by the way, just cramping again and needing ice. Hoping tomorrow’s 3 goes better.)

BCS Half training: W1, D4.
2 miles, 23:11

  1. chelsearuns said: Gotta love tumblr inspiration. Sometimes thinking about talking to you guys about my run is the only thing that gets me out there! haha
  2. runningwithpump said: This is really, truly awesome.
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