katie-girl-wanders: yikes five months sounds terrible enough, I can’t even imagine 8. But I’m so glad you’ll be done with that silliness after the wedding!! Do y’all have any idea where you’ll be living right after??

notjustrunnershigh: It seriously does - we’re two hours from each oyher when we’re at school and that’s bad enough. This whole international thing is just plain miserable. Just holding out for graduation in May when we can finally move to the same place, after 3 years LDR.

  1. katiegirlchasesinfinity said: Haha once you get past like 3 months, you learn how to live with it :P it was much easier when I was in Australia and he was in Europe. When I’m in the US, the time change sucks! I think we’ll be in minnesota at least for a little bit after the wedding!
  2. notjustrunnershigh said: Three years? Oh my.
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